Ruby Modine (Breasts) in Shameless [S7E6]
Ruby Modine (Breasts), Isidora Goreshter (Brief Butt), Emma Kenney, Shanola Hampton, Arden Myrin, Mary E. Kennedy, Jaylen Barron, Alicia Coppola, Kate Amundsen & Emmy Rossum in Shameless [S7E6]
It must be her Puerto Rican side : ) The nonchalance displayed by naked Ruby is refreshing and a rarity among American actresses who by large - in a similar scene - would succumb to natural impulse in covering their lady bits with elbows, palms and clauses. Unfortunately, full frontal (full nudity) should have been part of the casting requirement for Sierra.
I'm sure Ruby would have been A-OK with going gonzo nekkid if the producers requested it particularly for this episode. Sexy hot performance by Ruby during the oral sex scene.