model-dancer Jessica De Soto [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9] Nude for The Death Of Youth (2013 Photoshoot)

At a very young age, a big nosed, brown eyed, cinnamon and tanned little girl knew she could fly in her dreams, but as well as in real life. Eventually the little girl began to discover she had the gift of healing the broken and exposing the raw truth in ways her intellect wasn’t able to grasp. While she began to blossom in her age, her family and friends took notice that their was something luminous about her and beautifully distinctive, perhaps one day it may just cure the corrupted world which we all live in. Without pride or vanity she possessed the incredible gift to love unconditionally and to sustain an authoritative leadership role without consuming the temptations of her fleshly needs. When “the others” were able to catch a glimpse of her spirit, it brought jealous rage and envious predators who attempted to destroy her. But the light inside her heart was a continuous reminder that she had been birthed for a reason; a foretold prophecy it seemed. Then it became evident, this almost aborted child was a gift from God to the world.