Russian model Aliyah Galyautdinova [1],[2],[3],[4],[5],[6],[7] (Nude) in Tiger Love 'Space In Space' [Music Video]

Director Gigi Ben Artzi's most recent endeavour (which happens to be the new music video for Tiger Love's "Space In Space") helps to visualize and "document the female form in its most animalistic," reorienting how women are portrayed in society.
"Space In Space", proving both dream-like and alluring, exists as the perfect soundtrack to Russian model Aliyah Galyautdinova's on-screen sexual fantasies. The tune visualizes Ben Artzi's desire to document female sexual fantasy in a way that is both normalized and natural.
"Space In Space" is Tiger Love's first single to hail from forthcoming debut LP Tiger Love / by Roy and Gigi, due out later this year.