Belarusian-American model Karyna Kara [1],[2],[3],[4]: ‘Seclusion’ by Allen Henson for NAKID Mag (Oct) 2015

Photographer Allen Henson has taken his craft to a whole new level, not only has he mastered his fashion photography perspective and eye for beautiful figures and outstanding collaborations with some of the most badass models in the industry, he has pushed his eye for art even farther with being one of the editors of 35mm Magazine! With their no editing film only aesthetic and keep it on the real in a digital age, he is also helping young artists everywhere get their work out there in an ever increasing competitive market – reminds us of someone else we know, ahem, NAKID founder, cough, which is exactly why we love him and have so much respect for what he’s doing. That respect and admiration goes both ways though, as Allen just sent us an exclusive new editorial for feature on NAKID and we couldn’t be more happy and proud to show all our amazing readers! Teaming up with model Karyna Kara and producer Karin Hanssen along with wardrobe and accessories brand Bisjoux NY, they created magic poolside at this villa and needless to say got us all a little wet living vicariously through them! See the amazing editorial below and be sure to check out 35mm Magazine and more from Allen Henson!