Ana María Orozco, 'Betty La Fea' Star, Gets Naked For SoHo de Colombia Magazine (October) 2015 [MQ]

It is amazing to see what little make-up and the right lighting can do to make people look entirely different to what they actually look like. Actress Ana María Orozco became well known in many Latin American countries, the U.S., and other places around the world for her portrayal of Betty in “Yo Soy Betty, La Fea.”

Just as the telenovela’s name suggests, “Betty” wasn’t exactly the best looking woman in town but the same cannot be said about the Colombian beauty. The 42-year-old actress agreed to a tasteful photo shoot with Colombian magazine SoHO and will appear naked on the cover of their latest issue.

According to TVnotas, Orozco is quite comfortable with her body and didn’t hesitate to say yes, “I wasn’t expecting this, it was a surprise. I don’t know shame, I’m at peace with my body and I thought about it very little, not too much.”

Check out the photos below and you can click HERE for the behind the scenes. Does she look amazing or what?