Roger, you're going to love me. I've discovered a series out in Israel titled ג'וני ואבירי הגליל AKA Johnny and the Knights of Galilee [1]. Just go to 13:10.

Thank you for T&A treat : ) and for introducing me to the show, SSL. Sorry it took me some time to post the clips. I looked, searching to no avail the names of the lovely & naked guestie in each episode (1-to-3) before giving up. Fingers tightly crossed for nudity from very sexy Mali Levi

Johnny Knights of Galilee (Episode 3) 360p - T&A from 13:10 onwards

"Johnny and the Knights of Galilee," - a new, sexy dramedy tells the story of four childhood friends  turned losers, out of desperation decides to become gigolos providing service to desperate housewives and horny women of Galilee.  

Cast: Oz Zehavi, Oshri Cohen, Yoav Levi, Yusuf Swede, Mali Levi Gershon and Joy Rieger.

Johnny Knights of Galilee (Episode 1) 1080p - Brief Breasts from 16:25 onwards

Johnny Knights of Galilee (Episode 2) 1080p - Breasts from 26:15 onwards