Found this rare short film titled "Máquina". Directed by Spaniard filmmaker Gabe Ibañez. Gabe is known for directing "Hierro" with the gorgeous Elena Anaya and more recently he made "Autómata" with Antonio Banderas. The actress of the short is Iazua Larios. She's not a Spaniard but I sent you the link anyway because I think that she is a "cute Latina".  If we follow the timeline of her filmography, obviously her role in the short was her nude debut. However, Iazua is better known for "Apocalypto" directed by Mel Gibson (she has a nude scene there too).
Regards from Spain!!! Abrazo!!

Iazua Larios (Full Frontal) in Máquina (2006) @ Machine [Short Film]

A girl breaks through pain and bewilderment to discover her new essence and finds the way to reconcile with mankind.