Hot Clips from Polish Next Top Model [S05E01]

So here it is. New Top Model. But first just wanna say I was stupid. After using the same video editor for I think 2 years, I discovered it also have cut frame by frame tool. Yeah. Whatever. But, unfortunately when I cut by fine margin there are some little interrupters/errors in video in next frame. Well, you will see what I mean, when you watch the vid. Will try not to be that big of a 'butcher' for Ep 2.

[ PW: xcfgh456xgh ]

First one Karolina: make-up artist, her friend Marta (she was in S1 and was a stripper, later in relationship with some high level politician, LOL) talked Karolina into taking part in casting. Of course they scolded her about the tats but she's in.

Second one Jagoda: she was very insecure because she have vitiligo and she only come to terms with her condition couple months ago. But when she was in bikini she almost showed her vahina : ) and later when she was in Woli (one of jurors - fashion designer) dress her boobs were constantly slipping out of it : ) very nice boobs. Hope she will be in finale 13 and in nude session : ) 

Third girl Natalia: very shy girl, apparently her older brother is some well known model - never heard of him. Whatever. She's 21 and has a child - you would never believe she was a MILF, in great shape. Hope she will be in nude session. I love shy girls during that kind of tasks : ) 

The last one was Ola: 18 years old with troubled past (she didn't wanted to go to school so police intervened and took her to social center - she was 15!) but apparently now everything is okay and calm with her.

There also one guy that really pissed me off. Some dude sportsman from USA that don't speak Polish and have no Polish citizenship. He came here to play American Football for a local team. And from the trailer for the whole season, he will be in finale 13.