Katie Rees drug arrest: Former Miss Nevada's lifestyle mars once wholesome look?

by Roz Zurko
Katie Rees, former Miss Nevada arrested again for drugs. The former beauty queen has many faces through the years since turning to drugs.
Katie Rees, who is a former Miss Nevada beauty queen, is a shadow of herself from her days of walking the runways of beauty pageants. This is very apparent in her latest mug shot, after she was arrested for the second time this summer for possession of drugs.

This beauty queen has lost much of her wholesome girl-next-door looks since leaving the pageant scene and becoming involved with drugs. She is also involved with a boyfriend who was just arrested for outstanding warrants and drug possession.
According to the Canada Journal on September 4, Rees admitted to the police that the drugs found in her belongings were indeed hers. From the description of what police found among her possessions, she appears to be dabbling in quite a few different substances.

Las Vegas Police made a traffic stop this week of a car in which Rees was a passenger. Her boyfriend was driving and he was taken in on an outstanding warrant. He was originally stopped for failure to signal a number of turns.

The car was searched after the cops detected the smell of marijuana. Among Rees’ belongings they found narcotics paraphernalia, including rolling papers and pipes, marijuana and a small amount of methamphetamine.

Rees admitted she had smoked meth earlier in the day before they were pulled over by the police. She also had a Xanax pill and an Oxycontin pill in her bags and acknowledged that the drugs the police found in her belongings were hers, despite her boyfriend trying to take the blame for the drugs.

According to Us Magazine, "Rees is being held on $9,000 bail. Sims was arrested on multiple counts including felony trafficking meth, felony trafficking GHB, and felony cocaine possession." Rees was just arrested on drug charges back in July. For that arrest she faces felony drug-related charges, which included allegedly possessing and selling meth.

Back in 2006 Rees lost her Miss Nevada USA title when nude photos of her surfaced, according to Us Magazine. It was a scandal back then and it appears that she's not done much since that time to try and turn things around for herself.

At 31-years-old, this former beauty queen looks to be in a lot of trouble with the law. It is amazing how this lifestyle has changed her once beauty queen-looking features. As you can see in her mug shots above in comparison to the pictures of Rees when she was a contestant in a beauty pageant, also pictured above, her lifestyle is taking its toll on her.