There are some sexual fantasies that I never got the chance to fulfill in my previously promiscuous life. Giving head in a gloryhole situation is definitely up there in the ranking. I never actually found a glory hole while I was going on sexual adventures. I really can’t say that if I was face to face with one, I wouldn’t drop to my knees to service the person on the other side.

At the request of a horned up Peeperz reader named Ben, here’s my Fap Along list of Glorious Glory Hole Sex Sessions.

When Allie Haze gets her first look at the massive dick in this first clip, she looks like she’s about to cum herself. She goes in for the deepest deepthroat possible while she’s rubbing her own pussy to get herself off.

For the blonde babe in this video, her blowjobs are all about the chicken-pecking neck action. Cocks are lined up for her services, and she makes sure that each and every one of them shoots a thick load of spunk down her throat.

Locker rooms are the perfect place for some action, and this British babe is all about showing off her skills while she’s wearing her school uniform. It’s sexy as hell to watch her while she strokes two dicks at a time getting them hard and ready to blow.

If you’re a fan of Sophie Dee, you know that she really likes to party with cocks. When she comes face to face with a massive cock in a glory hole, she knows exactly what she wants to do with it. Her big blue eyes look amazing while she’s guzzling on her anonymous fuck buddy’s ball sack. Though I’ve got to tell you, reaching through the wall of the glory hole to get your dick in further is definitely cheating. But that’s just my opinion.

I kept going back and forth about including this next clip in this post because the cock isn’t real. I’ve masturbated to it twice in a row now though, so if you aren’t into it, blame my pussy. The cummy mess is RIDICULOUS. You seriously won’t even believe what this babe gets up to.

I love when I cum so much that I can’t feel my toes anymore, don’t you? If you’d like a Fap Along list of your very own, hit me up in the comments below, or get in touch on Twitter or tumblr.

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