Christy Williams (Flawless Breasts & Heavenly Booty[twitter followers: 509 as of today] in Ray Donovan [S3E9] [1]

Lordy lord, check out those magnificent tushy.....the heavenly booty. Oh my freaking God! Christy officially made my best T&A's of the year. Sure, Christy has no true credentials before RD. Basically a nobody. Still aspiring in her late 20's/early 30’s(?), the brunette somehow got to me with her delightful topless debut and now, with one of a kind derrière. Christy smile makes my day seems less shitty. Feminazis and anti-female nudity brigade moans incessantly about unnecessary and gratuitous nudity in media. Well, RD folks just gave them the middle finger by doing exactly that with Christy. She was cast solely to show off her fabulous curves. Nudity is beautiful. I don't feel it distracts the mature viewers or deviates attention from the story. In fact, boobs offer a pleasant, brief diversion that enhances the particular movie/show. Christy is trying to justify her first class nude show by posting frequently how lucky she was to work with legendary and 'incomparable' Jon Voight. Most likely trying to appease Williams’s clan filled with high-achievers. 

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