Sibylla Deen (Butt+BD) & Kylie Bunbury (Implied+BD) in Tut (TV-2015)

Historical fiction Tut was surprisingly an entertaining albeit daft affair. It won't stop nit pickers from making their usual noise. Taut editing was a major plus for yours truly. The mini-series was also quite clever in employing body double to put one over the pervs. I'm positive the butt nudity in Kylie scenes was by a BD. Much harder to ascertain in case of Sibylla. The ass pancakes in the bath scene most likely belonged to the Aussie. Surely Sibylla would have selected a BD with perky rear to stand for her. Nope, I think she wanted to do the scene just for a chance to impress Sir Ben. Once in a lifetime opportunity to act opposite Gandhi, you can't blame Sibylla in wanting to show what she’s is made of in one to one with Benji. However, her love scenes with Ka (Peter Gadiot) have the stench of body double. The nip slip could well be from BD as we can't see her face. Pretty sure the butt in that long shot (Sibylla's second sex scene) should be credited to a BD. She also had a nip patch on for frontal shots.
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