Candace Janée [1],[2],[3],[4],[5],[6],[7],[8],[9] (Brief Breasts) in Charity (2011) [Short Film]

from Michael Sugrue 
Fun little exercise I shot in New York last year, working through some dialogue with some actors to just experiment. Extra special thanks to Devin and Candace for putting in a couple of VERY late nights with me, just playing around and seeing where it goes.
Beginning life as an after hours directing exercise, Michael Sugrue’s dialogue piece Charity sees performance and a strong script from Matthew Hickman take a front seat as two characters verbally spare across a hotel room.
Sugrue tempted actors Candace Janee and Devin Burnham onboard with the promise of no festival or online aspirations for the film and two nights shooting in the graveyard slot of 10pm to 4am as the project had to fit around his day shoot. Luckily, both actors saw the opportunity as a mutually beneficial creative exercise and were up for the challenge. With Hickman’s script as a solid base, the three of them were free to explore where the material would take them.