Rihanna Topless In Bitch Better Have My Money
Rihanna’s new music video Bitch Better Have My Money has all the elements of a successful composition. Rihanna’s tits. There’s a ton of shit in here I don’t understand. Who are the bitches? What have they done with the money? But I do understand this is miles better than the Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea music video which did not include Rihanna’s tits. The video is age gated on YouTube which means you must agree that you are eighteen to watch, which seems completely unfair to the dumbest ten percent of American middle schoolers. We could lament the state of modern popular music and how this could encourage the belief among young women that flashing their naked bodies is the only way for them to get ahead in life. Who wants to live in that world? Put your top back on, Madison. Girls can drive the Zamboni now.

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