Implied nude model Tanya Cooney [1],[2],[3],[4] slams 'haters' who was inspired to shed layers while on Yeovil College course
A BUDDING model who has faced online bullies says their hateful comments have made her even more determined to succeed.

Former Wadham School and Yeovil College student Tanya Cooney, 18, has been modelling since the age of 15, and in recent years has chosen to take offers of "implied nude" work.

The teenager says that she has faced criticism from peers for her choices but it has only strengthened her resolve to make it big. She said: "There have been a few people making hurtful comments about what I do and being openly rude to me. But my family have always told me those people are probably just jealous and I just think of it that way."

Tanya says she first realised that 'implied nude' was something she was open about doing while studying art and design at Yeovil College.

She said: "I was really drawn to work by Picasso, who often did pictures of nude women. When I was looking at those pictures something clicked in me and I just thought, 'this is nothing people should be ashamed about'. He does things with colour and shape in his nude women pictures that makes it something beautiful rather than dirty."

On Tanya's Twitter feed she continues the theme of defiance, labelling her raunchier images with comments like 'haters gonna hate'.

The teen lists her modelling idol as Cara Delevigne. She said: "What's not to like about her? She's strong and in control, and always does interesting things. I want to be like that – never just standing around being boring."

The model, who won a Miss Teen prize in 2013 and modelled a winning design at the recent Yeovil College hair show, has had growing demands for bookings and spends a lot of her time in London these days but continues to live in Crewkerne.

She said: "I have amazing support from family and friends, they have made things very easy for me and never have negative comments about anything I do."

Tanya revealed that she has also been chosen as the lead actor in a horror film being shot by in London.

The other confirmed actor in the film is 6 foot 9 inch heavyweight champion boxer Tyson Fury, who has previously demonstrated his acting skills in films such as 2011 gangster flick St George's Day.

Cooney says that she has wanted to do acting for years, although she is mostly concentrating on modelling at the moment. She said: "It is quite hush hush at the moment and in early stages but I have just come off the shoot and am very excited about it."