Today, instead of talking about a pornstar and publishing porn videos of her, I wanna talk about "girlsdoporn", a recently created porn production company with some videos I love.
Their project consists in getting in touch with chicks who haven't debuted in the porn industry yet, or with very few scenes. New and young faces... They meet in a hotel and start working... Obviously, it isn't something new, but the girls, the image quality, the photography... everything has been very-well taken care of, and those details made me choose these videos today and not others.

My favorite video is this of a busty young chick named Annie or Ann.







And now, more porn scenes made by "girlsdoporn".

# An "innocent" blondie (Watch video)

# Happy young lass (Watch video)

# Beautiful boobs you have... (Watch video)

# She'll do whatever you want (Watch video)

You can view many more videos on the channel created by themselves on Redtube.
Or you could also check out girlsdoporn's website and download a lot of HD stuff.