UK's ITV "Shocks" With Uncensored Breast Exam

I found some examples of nudity that may actually save lives. The ITV show "This Morning Live" broadcast a live demonstration of a breast exams conducted on female and male models:    As outlined in the "Daily Mail" article, predictably there were complaints. However, it's not the first time ITV embarked on provocative yet educational topics. ITV's "Lorraine", which is a UK daily lifestyle/entertainment show, broadcast it's own breast self-exam demonstration in October 2014  Not to forget the male viewers, "Lorraine" also broadcast a fairly uncensored testicular examination early in 2015, which also brought howls of condemnation from the "Daily Mail":
Here is the link to ITV's "Lorraine": & the host (presenter in UK parlance) Lorraine Kelly.
The non-shocking, non-Daily Mail but informative and potentially life-saving versions: &
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