Kristen Wiig [Full-Frontal] in Welcome to Me (2014)

[original vid by Zorg]
One of the most surprising nude debuts in many years. Nobody expected Kristen to get naked. The casting notice requesting nude body double further doused any hope of seeing the SNL alumnae in the buff. 
Not only I'm a perv but I'm also a paranoid perv. I just can't shake the feeling there's something off with the nude scene. I can't pin-point what it's it. They must have taken multiple takes to get the segment right. One was the close-up shot (Kristen hair tucked back) and another for the full-frontal. The full nude it possible the CGi advanced so much they can morphed the head of Kristen on to a nude body double AKA Lola Effects? Didn't they do the same with Chris Evans in Captain America? I'm not trying to provoke any discussion. In this day and age of CGi manipulation, old timers like me tend to be cynic when dealing with chicks previously averse to on-screen nudity. Granted, Kristen never openly said No to nudity except to babble a bit about her 'disgusting' sex scene in McGrubber. It shouldn't be forgotten that Kristen was also producer of Welcome of Me. Beyond that and other (official) reason stated by Kristen, my personal opinion for Kristen to change her mind, after requesting a BD, might have something to do with her impending 40th birthday (on August 22). She wanted to enter the big 4-0 and celebrate her movie success in her late 30's by doing something out of character. Displaying her hoo ha to the whole world might seem extreme but chicks are unpredictable : )
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