Chilean Celebs Antonella Ríos, Ingrid Cruz & Rayen Araya: Nude Photos Leaked

Translated from Spanish article: Leading actresses Ingrid Cruz and Antonella Ríos, and journalist Rayén Araya are in shock. Nude photos of the trio were published on the local Chilean website Infamous. Fully nude in case of Ríos. The nude portraits were for journalist Daniel Olave project aptly titled "Boobs" [1] back in 2004. The exhibition and latter released in pictorial book only showed the breasts of women without putting face to those images. Infamous site is currently inaccessible. Cruz, Araya and Rivers are very upset with the leaks and seriously considering taking legal action against responsible party. At the moment, it's still unknown if there would be more photos released or if other celebs were involved in the "Boobs" project.

Antonella Ríos 

Ingrid Cruz 

Rayen Araya

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