Madalina Ghenea (Full-Frontal) in Youth
Many naked extras in Youth some of which are shown in the trailer but the most striking scene is an impressive full frontal nudity from Madalina Ghenea who swims naked in front of Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel. Some caps from this scene were released.
Rachel Weisz looks gorgeous but does not show any skin.

Cate Blanchett (Butt) & Rooney Mara (Breasts) in Carol

In Carol, Cate Blanchett opens Rooney Mara's robe showing both her breasts in clear lighting in different angles. Unfortunately Cate Blanchett's nudity is very evasive, it's clear she's naked on set but we only see her from behind and some side boobs views, maybe we can see a nipple at one point but this will need freezing and brightening to be sure. The love scene is very good in general but this was as close to Cate's nudity that we'll ever get, so it disappoints.

Aomi Muyock (Full Nudity) & Klara Kristin (Full Nudity) in Love

Much anticipated Love doesn't disappoint, it's a 3D porn flick featuring real explicit sex (until proven otherwise) and one cum shot into the camera.
Aomi Muyock gets the best scenes, including hand job, fingering, oral sex, penetration, sex in different positions throughout the film, too many to mention.
Klara Kristin gets 2 major scenes, one where she has sex with the main character and his condom pops up and the other is the big threesome which is long and spectacular, shot in full shots, letting the action take place slowly.
The sex scenes are tastefully done so don't expect close ups or to always clearly see the penetration, most of the film is shot in fixed shots, larger ones often but you can clearly see what is happening.
There's also a scene where the couple visit an exchange club which will put Eyes Wide Shut to shame.
So yeah, this will be much talked about soon, it's getting released in France this July.

Rachel Brosnahan (Breasts) in Louder Than Bombs

Rachel Brosnahan shows her perfect boobs after sex next to Jesse Eisenberg in Louder Than Bombs, brief scene but well lit.

Stacy Martin in Tale Of Tales

You've seen all the nudity there is in the trailer of Tale Of Tales. A few naked extras with Vincent Cassel. Stacy Martin scene plays exactly the same as in the trailer.

Angeliki Papoulia (Butt) in The Lobster

The Lobster has disappointing nudity for a Lanthimos film. Angeliki Papoulia briefly shows her ass while Colin Farrell takes her from behind, quick shot and not well lit. Anyway we've seen her do better nudes in his previous films.

Anna Tenta (Breasts) in The Brand New Testament

The Brand New Testament features a few unknown strippers and a character walking in a supermarket filled with naked women albeit most are out of focus. Anna Tenta also shows her breasts in a love scene.